Completion of the ‘BIG LIFT’

Completion of the ‘BIG LIFT’
Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Treatment Project

The new building was built in a factory, delivered to site on the back of HGVs and lifted into position in six parts.

Lifting over the bridge and between the walls of the existing courtyard – health and safety was paramount and accuracy was essential.

Just before dawn on Saturday morning, whilst most of us slept, a crane arrived at the main entrance to the Hospital.

Following carefully prepared ‘Method Statements’ and ‘Risk Assessments’ the plan for the ‘BIG LIFT’ swung into operation.

From 3am work started on the creation of an exclusion zone immediately below the area of the ‘BIG LIFT’.

After the barriers were erected around the exclusion zone the bridge was closed except for emergencies. During the morning lifting operations ceased briefly to allow patients through to theatres.

The weather was perfect for the ‘BIG LIFT’, not a whisper of wind and perfect visibility, with a clear blue sky all day. As you will see from the photograph opposite the crane driver relied on navigators with whom he was in constant radio contact. It was like threading a needle.